Our history

LTS Transport Solutions was created out of the former Lohr UK which was the UK subsidiary of the French International Transport manufacturer Lohr Industries based in Strasbourg.

LTS Transport Solutions activities are in the sales, repair, and maintenance of car carriers in the UK, Ireland and only sales in Scandinavia. The UK business is situated in Queenborough, Essex, and Sheerness, Kent where we operate a workshop called LTS Transport Solutions Commercial Services (LTSCS).

LTS Transport Solutions PTY (LTD) is based in Durban, Republic of South Africa, where it is involved in the sale, maintenance, repair, and refurbishment of car carriers for the Southern and African Markets.

LTS Environment South Africa manufacturers new waste bins (skips) and repairs old and existing waste bins that are used in the transportation of waste.

In addition to the car carriers LTS Transport Solutions are involved in the sale and implementation of Modalohr the Road to Rail train wagon concept in the UK and East Africa and the Autonomous public service shuttle called E- Cristal.

Profile of the Founder, Justin Michau

Our Chief Executive and Founder, Justin Michau, has worked in the automotive logistics field for over thirty years with experience in the design, sales of car carriers, workshops, and the implementation of infrastructure networks in the markets of the UK, Africa, Japan, Scandinavia, Australia, New Zealand, and the USA.

After an international career spanning fifteen years with Lohr it was decided that Justin Michau would take over the former subsidiaries and hence he created LTS in the UK, Ireland, and South Africa with workshops in both jurisdictions.

Justin Michau is now focused on closing the automotive logistics circle by repairing the car carriers that transport the new electric cars (EVs) and with LTS Environment to recycle the electric car batteries that are either involved in an accident or have come to their end of life.

In addition to the above Justin Michau has been developing the concept of Road to Rail in the UK with the various Freight Rail Companies as the only line that is available is the HS1 line through the tunnel. This can prove a fundamental shift in the way freight is transported from the continent to the United Kingdom, from a strategical viewpoint to ensuring fundamental foodstuffs have uninterrupted supply.

The shift is now for LTS to operate and maintain such a terminal as it is a neutral partner with no vested interest which is not necessarily be the case with the large logistics companies.

With regard to the same technology utilised in African countries namely Ethiopia and Kenya, Justin Michau has been in dialogue with the respective ministries and ports authorities including Djibouti. All these countries run the STANDARD GAUGE Railway Network which is where the Road to Rail technology can make such a difference to freeing up Logistics bottlenecks and increase the GDP of these countries with more goods being able to be transported.


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